About Lemon Lab

It’s 2021, and we need to talk about health and technology.

Screens are now telling people what their bodies need and health is being marketed as something you can buy.

Why? Because it's dehumanizing and difficult to navigate the existing system of healthcare. From a survey we ran in 2020, we found that 80 percent of women look up health-related questions over three times per month. As a result, there are more products. These products — supplements, serums, gadgets, apps, at-home tests, etc. — attempt to offer solutions to our own bodies. But are they? Lemon Lab wants to answer that question.

Lemon Lab brings together original reporting and rigorous product testing to surface the most quality health and wellness products. No more pseudoscience, snake oil or a lack of transparency. Our founder, Taylor Majewski, is a reporter and journalism is at the heart of what we do. But we are also a reviews platform where real people (no fake reviews here!) can contribute their unique experience using a given product. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of community and that personal product recommendations are the most powerful ones.

Ultimately, our mission is to transparently break down what modern products are actually worth using and who they’re right for. We’re doing that by building a single source of truth that helps people become more aware of the products they use and why. Join us.

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