Best for data-driven menstrual tracking

Flo stands out for the sheer amount of personal data you can input into the app, which is great for those that want to track their bodies for changes and reactions to different cycle phases.

  • Privacy

    Flo has come under pressure in the past for sharing data with Facebook.

  • Efficacy

    Some contributors say Flow wasn't helpful for tracking cycles longer than 28 days.

  • Convenience

    Flo makes it easy to bring your cycle data to your doctor.

Flo has a lot of features, which makes it a solid option for customizing your tracking experience based on your specific goals. Our favorite feature is the ability to auto-generate a tracking a readable document that you can bring to your doctor, which could potentially help identify possible diseases in their early stages.


  • The app has three modes: track cycle, get pregnant, track pregnancy

  • You can secure access to the app with a security code of Face ID (on an iPhone)

  • The app has a built-in anonymous community called "Secret Chats" where users discuss sex, bodies and reproductive health

  • You can log a miscarriage in pregnancy mode

  • You can use Flo without sharing your name and email

  • You can track a lot of data in the app (i.e. weight, sleep, sex, sex drive, water intake, mood, PMS symptoms, vaginal discharge, travel, alcohol intake, injuries, stress, and different types of exercise).

  • You can turn the predictive nature of this app off, which is helpful for people with irregular periods, those who can’t get pregnant, or those who don’t want their tracking to be focused on fertility

  • You can enable push notifications with personalized prompts, like a reminder to take a birth control pill every day

  • The app can generate a document on your cycle for your doctor to look at


  • Pregnancy mode is a premium feature that you have to pay for

  • The app is pretty gendered with its pink branding

  • Flo's app has a ton of educational content built into it, but you need to pay for the premium version of the app to access most of it

  • Some of our contributors have said that Flo wasn't helpful for tracking cycles longer than 28 days


  • To use the app without sharing your name and email, sign up through Apple and select the option to hide your email

  • You can sync your partner into your tracking so they can better support you

What does the company do with your data?

Contributor Notes

31, Female, Los Angeles, CA

Flo has been incredible for me. It's very educational. There's detailed information on each cycle and phase, with suggestions on what to eat, do, etc. to support that menstrual phase. In addition, you can have alerts sent to your partner so they can better understand your moods, desires, needs, etc as you move through the different cycles. If you're trying to get pregnant, your partner can automatically be alerted when you're ovulating and have the opportunity to idk...turn the heat up with you.

Chelsea O.

Easy UI and digestible pregnancy advice. I was able to accurately track ovulation and pregnancy. I didn't like how I couldn't share data with spouse.

Rachel B.

I liked the advice from the app, but found it repetitive. I ended up switching to Kindara because I wanted to be able to track my temperatures since I use the Fertility Awareness Method.

Isla S.

It's reliable and easy to use/customize. Predictions tend to be right on the money. There's also the ability to add additional notes regarding mood and other health concerns. The aggregate data collected by the app from other women appears to affect one's own predictions. I'm not sure what algorithm they're using, but the predictions are more reliable than other apps I've tried.

Aicha B.
25, Female, North Bergen, New Jersey

The app allows you to not only track your cycle but your daily habits and other body symptoms. The app has a smart algorithm that predicts your period and ovulation and checks in with you when you are late or log symptoms that are unusual for you. There is a message board to connect with others and the most educational component includes short classes/modules on various topics such as IVF, Acne management, Nutrition, meditation and more. Flo health works with top of the line doctors who provide articles and information that are relevant and current to your personal situation and needs as well as new research and events going on in the world. The only con to this app is the price of the premium membership which allows you to access more within the app. The Premium membership is $28 a month.


It didn't work with me and my cycles. I have a cycle that is longer than 28 days and it didn't pick up on my fluctuating ovulation date.

Zad .
26, Female, Seattle, WA

This has been a fantastic app to track my period. It updates its predictions and it helps me reflect on my symptoms, which makes me more self-aware and understand my body better. It also has a lot of resources to read for general feminine health.

Elizabeth D.

I like to track my cycle and predict when I'm ovulating for TTC, but I wish the secret chats were monitored better.

  • Privacy

    Flo has come under pressure in the past for sharing data with Facebook.

  • Efficacy

    Some contributors say Flow wasn't helpful for tracking cycles longer than 28 days.

  • Convenience

    Flo makes it easy to bring your cycle data to your doctor.

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