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Contributor Notes

Caitlyn H.
26, Female

Pros: I felt relief to finally have a primary OBGYN on my team who specializes in endometriosis and is in-network. Dr. Moritz recommended a holistic approach with acupuncture in Tia's clinic, and discussed future options if my symptoms worsen. For the first time in my life, I felt really good leaving my annual gynecological exam. No discomfort or pain during the exam, relaxed and casual conversation to ask any questions I wasn't able to during my initial virtual appointment, and a long-term strategy knowing that I have an expert who has reviewed my case and symptoms, and who can recommend appropriate future treatment options or an appropriate excision specialist for my symptoms and concerns if necessary. I felt validated, respected, and cared for: something I've never encountered before in a gynecologist's exam room. I no longer feel like I'm battling endo on my own, and after a 7-year battle with this condition, it's refreshing to hang up my armor and feel like I can move on with my life knowing that my health is in good hands. Tia unexpectedly lifted a weight from my shoulders. Everyone was so friendly! The front desk associates were kind and fun, the nurse was lovely, and management was also friendly. Many other clinics and providers forget that healthcare is a service: and I felt in luxury when I slipped into a robe instead of a paper gown. It's refreshing to see a forwarding-thinking, modern, women's health clinic also aim to be in-network and affordable! By offering transparent pricing and free memberships, Tia's breaking the glass ceiling by showing that the best care is also affordable and accessible care.

Cons: I wish the app was easier to book appointments. It's hard to book appointments on your own and times are limited at the moment. I also would have preferred if the first part of my well-woman exam (the talk part) was with Dr. Moritz. I spoke with another physician who recommended my in-person be with Dr. Moritz since he's the clinic expert in endometriosis. My follow-up documents did take a while to process, but they were very helpful and beautifully designed! I also recommend their referrals, they've done their research in finding amazing care throughout the city no matter what specialist you may need.

    We're still reviewing this product – subscribe to our newsletter to get updates.

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